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We are glad you're here!  It looks like you have not yet purchased this particular product.  If you would like to purchase this product, then please visit our STORE page.

If you purchased a different product, then please go back one screen & select the product you did purchase.

If you tried to purchase this exact product & can not currently gain access... please accept our apology & know that we are here to help you troubleshoot & gain access!


1. RE-LOGIN:  You can attempt to log out & log back in to see if your purchase was still processing & access is now available.

2. CHECK USERNAME/PASSWORD:  Please be sure that you are using the Username & Password that you created upon purchase.

3. VERIFY USERNAME:  Your Username is your Email address.  If you do not remember your username, then please check your email inbox & junk folder to verify your correct username.  If you can't find it then go down to #6 and please email us.

4. FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD:  Your Username is your Email address.  If you Forgot your Password, then please go to & click on the Login menu followed by clicking the Forgot Password option.  Enter your username or email associated with your account, then proceed to your email Inbox or Junk Folder to finish the Reset Password process by clicking the emailed link, then create a new password.

5. VERIFY PURCHASE COMPLETION:  Please check to see if you received any emails verifying your purchase & granting access from FIT-LIFE NATION as

6. MORE SUPPORT:  If access is still not available... then Next, please reach out to us (FIT-LIFE NATION) via email at & we will work to remedy this issue as soon as possible (usually within about 48 hours).

Again, we are very sorry for any difficulty & please allow us to remedy this for you so that you can enjoy your purchase!

Thank You,

The B.L.F. Support Team