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Coaches Greg & Kristin Garwood Present…


Torch Your Toughest Trouble Fat… Maximize Strength, Muscle, Energy, Time & Even Enjoy Fun Foods

…Without Doubt & Burnout

Featuring the…



FLN 240x40 gold no shadow

Coaches Greg & Kristin Garwood Present…


Torch Your Toughest Trouble Fat… Maximize Strength, Muscle, Energy, Time & Even Enjoy Fun Foods

…Without Doubt & Burnout

Featuring the…



Hey!  Greg & Kristin Garwood here…

Now… we are motivated real people just like you, but we also LOVE sharing exactly how you can get real & permanent fitness & health results! 

Excited Yet?  What if I said, “we provide the kind of results that will have you looking, feeling, & performing like a Fit 20-Something…

While still leading a real, enjoyable life”—

In fact… outside of the outdoor recreational activities that we enjoy together…

Helping you lose belly fat, build strength, & live your life to your MAX Level… is our #1 passion in life.  

But why the heck should you listen to us?

Well, you don’t have to, of course…  but over the past 6 years, we have actually transformed our bodies, health & rebooted our metabolisms using this program. 

And we have maintained these results for years.

We are also helping hundreds of men & women as well as firefighters…

Get into the best shape of their lives & ditch useless, long, boring workouts & impossible, restrictive fad-dieting!  

YES… I really mean their best shape… seriously… better shape than they were in their 20’s.

And now… if you find it appropriate… then we want to share together with you… about the possibility of helping you get into your best shape too!


This is Greg…

Back in 2014 the real reason I created this program… is that I was a career Firefighter, Paramedic & Lieutenant who needed to get & stay more fit & healthy.

My body would no longer tolerate the poor conventional nutrition that I was consuming…

Even though I ate quality protein, tried to make “healthy choices” & usually exercised.

Plus, I was no longer motivated to work out consistently. I was too tired & stressed & had no mental or physical energy.

I was not morbidly obese but on my way there. I was a career firefighter on 2 departments and looked & felt terrible.  

I felt like I was failing because I was unfit, overweight & did not look, feel, or perform my best.

And even worse… I found myself no longer giving my best effort for fitness & health… because I was so frustrated with my lack of progress using the old traditional practices.

Doing ridiculously long workouts & going on a restrictive, tortuous diet… was the last thing I felt like doing. 

I could not ignore my failing reality anymore.

I needed new information, a new system, & a new structure to turn my life around… to get real results & feel free from my chains of being “unfit”. 

THE BIG SHIFT — See… I did not want to fall victim to the untimely difficult death I had witnessed so many finally experience…

I had been a Paramedic trying to use medication & electrical shocks…

To attempt to Jolt people back to life who were Sedentary, or who ate too much of the Wrong Foods, & NEVER took care of their fitness & health…

And… most of the time I watched those unfit & unhealthy people Die… The End… Period! 

I realized back then that…

All that those deceased people needed to do was eat right most of the time & exercise… then their early, miserable death could have been prevented!

So… I started developing Nutri-Cycling™, the Freedom Portion Technique™ & our Metabolic Strength Method™ during my tenure on “the job” out of pure & simple need.

SO NOW — This is why I do what I do… as an Online Fitness & Health Coach…

I have gotten ahead of the early-death-by-lack-of-fitness-&-health problem for myself, my family, my friends, & now all of the people like you who have become my Clients!

Now… rather than attending stranger’s preventable deaths from them avoiding eating right & exercising…

I am able to get to personally know & help people live a more fit, healthy, & enjoyable long life… 

It feels much better to be ahead of the problem now & truly improving & saving lives… than the futile attempts to shock them back to life…

When it’s already too late!

The reasons for My Shift…

Came from the need to look, feel, & perform my best, to help firefighters be their best…

& to prevent the untimely deaths I was seeing on “The Job”

Another big reason was my wife, Kristin.  

Kristin was going through Peri-Menopause. 

As a successful woman in her early 40’s she felt horrible & unfit. She had lost her muscle & strength. 

Her health was declining & on top of that… the excess body fat would not budge.

She tried every kind of diet… Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, The Zone Diet, Body for Life, Whole 30 and diet pills/drinks…

She was miserable the whole time and didn’t get any kind of sustainable results.

She thought this unfit & unhealthy body with a low energy level was here to stay as her new norm.

But this was about to change…

Now… in order to Create The Fit-Life Transformation Coaching Coaching Program for you…

We put forth years of time, study, & effort…

Through the process of studying 1st the work of so many of the top experts in the human optimization field…

Like Loren Cordain, Leo Costa Jr., Craig Ballantyne, Mark Sisson, Tom Venuto, Kelly Starrett, Mark Rippetoe, & so many more…

You see… we were experimenting & applying the different principles & methods to ourselves & others to find the very best out there…

Next, we combined the best of what we found with our own strategies… & kept testing… eliminating what did not work…

Since what we needed did not previously exist…

We created it ourselves to bring you something new, better & unique that you can not find anywhere else… period!

And… now our own unique hybrid approach has been brought to life Online for you.  This is better than what any other method offers alone.

We found… The Success Strategies & Shortcuts… for anyone to have flat-abs, plenty of lean, strong muscle & their healthy, high-performance body. 

The best part is… this includes You!

Just like us… you can shift your BEFORE to a better AFTER…

You don’t have to stay stuck & struggling anymore!

We Help Ordinary People Get Extraordinary Fitness & Health Results…

Now It’s Your Turn

We Help Ordinary People Get Extraordinary Fitness & Health Results…

Now It’s Your Turn

So, here’s the thing… let’s face it… your life can be tough!

  • You don’t sleep enough… so you feel physically tired & beaten down
  • Then, you eat & drink the wrong stuff… so you are sick, tired & overweight
  • And now you don’t feel like moving… so you don’t take time to exercise your body the way you should
  • It’s also tricky… because your mental energy is consistently drained from all the demands
  • All combined… your health & fitness have dropped off & you are not your best self.

You Want to Know the Reality?


And, since in the past we have experienced the challenges & struggles above… just like you… we understand what you’re experiencing! 

We know… ALL TOO WELL… that you are sick of feeling tired & tired of feeling disappointed in your performance… & the negative results from your current patterns.

I know you’ve tried hard to mask & fix your “Struggle”… often using Cheap & Ineffective Band-Aid Methods… 

The rest of the online fitness space is filled with too much free, cheap, confusing, Plus BAD and INACCURATE information that isn’t serving you.

  • They will tell you to always eat “clean” OR have “no-carbs” and not include any of the foods you enjoy. (Yes, you can have ice cream, burgers, bacon, and still lose fat…)
  • They will have you performing workouts that are too intense for too long or endless cardio…  which breaks down your body & causes unsightly & unhealthy fat storage… plus causes you to eat too much
  • They will put you in a constant “calorie deficit”… which will quickly kill your metabolism… halting fat-burning, increasing fat storage, & bringing you to “the dreaded fat loss plateau”
  • They will tell you that you need certain supplements or a ‘magic pill’ to achieve great results & fix the problems they caused.
  • They will claim that you have to constantly count calories or macros, track all your food all the time, or always weigh out how much food to eat… So Obnoxious!  And… Totally Unnecessary!


So why is the conventional, one-size-fits-all information FAILING you?

Simple…  Two Reasons

See… you’re not getting the results you want with other cheap, one-size-fits-all, band-aid type programs…

Because we all have unique needs, bodies, levels, & specific targeted goals.

You require a flexible & customizable approach to exercise, nutrition & success methods.  Something livable and sustainable.

Trust us, we’ve seen it happen over and over again.  When our new clients come to us for the first time they are confused as to why they failed in the past with all the low-end & ineffective methods they tried… and didn’t get closer to their goal.


They’ve failed in the past because…

Let’s face it…  You get hungry for your favorite foods… You have cravings… And you give in!

We have experienced the very same issues in the past. 

It’s not really your willpower that’s the problem… & again… It Is Not Your Fault!

The common problem of those hard-to-stick-to fad-diets you’ve seen or tried is actually the restrictive mindset & negative metabolic effects those horrible diets cause.

Maybe you’ve heard of the issues they cause like “the keto-flu”, the “low-to-no-carb thyroid crash”, adrenal fatigue, or even of using the super-fattening, unhealthy “flexible dieting” or “dirty-bulk” diets using excessive immune & health-killing foods…

Yuck & No Thanks!

Those programs & their side effects can make your struggle worse… & then cause your failure at fitness & health… by requiring impossibly strict compliance to extreme principles or excessive unhealthy practices… for the long haul.

So unnecessary… You don’t have to feel sick to finally get fit & healthy!

Wouldn’t you rather get to have your favorite indulgences… but have them help you this time?


We are going to show you the Real Strategy of how to eat those Fun Foods the Right Way at the Right Times so that you can:


  • Experience a mental break from your usual approach

  • Truly live a fun & happy life with social times built-in

  • Boost your beneficial hormones for better results & better health… without feeling deprived ever again!

Fun Foods Collage

Are you starting to get it?

At this point you’re probably wondering, “Greg & Kristin, what’s the Solution?” 


Our Brilliantly Flexible & Customizable


Featuring the...




Get 10X More Fit… with 10X Less B.S.

Your path can look like this…

Steps to get you to the fit life. Customizable & flexible workouts & meal plans
Steps to get you to the fit life. Customizable & flexible workouts & meal plans

You can see — this is NOT the ineffective “one size fits all” diet & exercise plans you’ve seen elsewhere.


We offer you… real, high-quality M.B.A. Tru-Accountability Coaching™ to optimize your fitness & health! 


Check Out How You Can Get Your

Check Out How You Can Get Your

Why Our FLAT-ABS FIT FORMULA Is So Effective


FIT-LIFE NATION Nutri-Cycling The Cause

You keep getting continuous results with our progressive, plateau-preventing, & done-for-you Nutri-Cycling™ Meal Plan.

PLUS… No counting, tracking, or weighing of food with our simple & do-anywhere Freedom Portioning™ technique…

You get to just eat!

Our progressive fat-burning metabolic workouts paired with our strength & muscle maximizing workouts…

… will have you looking, feeling & performing like a fit 20-something, in less time & with zero-guesswork.

Results even happen while you sleep!

FIT-LIFE NATION Metabo-Confusion The Effect
FIT-LIFE NATION Perfectly Paired Full Body Workouts The Synergy

With our one of a kind accountability coaching system, we give you the Access, Attention, Affirmation, & Accountability you have wanted

… we personally coach you to stay motivated & on track consistently…

bringing you focus, clarity, certainty & speed for truly transformational results through M.B.A. Tru-Accountability Coaching – for your right Mind, Body & Actions. 

We're Different More like you than some Fitness & Health People

  • We are NOT those genetically gifted fitness or sports competitors, physique models, or pro bodybuilders

  • But… we have learned nutrition & training methods to look, feel, & perform as they do… And without all the old torturous & ineffective methods

  • And… we are here to share with you those methods we now use to consistently achieve our best results & live the fit life

Now You Can Outsmart Your Body

Win & feel great!

Follow Our On-The-Go Success Map

Ahhh… enjoy done-4-u plans with built-in flexibility!

Get Results + Life Balance

Yep… get it all done plus have time for the most important things!

Exercise Smart = Results in Less Time

Ready to move the way you want?

Eat The Right Amount = No Guessing

Doesn’t easily eating the right amount sound great? 

You’ll Believe & Achieve Your Goals

Isn’t it time to have the right mindset & believe in your ability to win?


Fit-Life Transformation Coaching

What Are Men & Women Saying About



The goal of The FLAT-ABS FIT FORMULA Program is to work closely with men and women, who are motivated to help them reboot their broken metabolism, strip the belly fat while building strength & attractive muscle & feel fantastic.

We want them to be able to Life Life to the MAX!

All this without crazy restrictive dieting and 2-hour punishing workouts or endless cardio.

Now, if you’re accepted into our FLAT-ABS FIT FORMULA Program, you will get immediate access to coaching.

Here’s What To Expect & What’s Expected Of You:

  • 1-on-1 Quick-Start Coaching Call… your personalized jumpstart
  • Our Unique Nutri-Cycling™ Progressive Meal Plans… your zero guesswork, plateau-preventing, nutrition road map
  • Our Simple Freedom Portioning ™… no counting, no tracking, no weighing… you get to just eat
  • Our Exclusive Metabolic Strength Method™ progressive stage workouts… our strategy for you to look, feel, & perform better than in your 20’s 
  • Daily access to your M.B.A. Tru-Accountability Coaches™ via IN-APP messaging & the exclusive online community
  • Personal Weekly Accountability Check-In
  • 1-on-1 20 Minute Coaching Calls
  • The Fit-Life Transformation Coaching Exclusive Members Area
  • You will be expected to show up, stay committed & accomplish the steps we layout for you:
    Follow your Meal Plan, Complete Your Workouts, Take Progress Photos, Body Stats & Do Your Weekly Check-Ins… Simple Right! 

This Is Not For Everyone

Who this is FOR?  Men & Women:


  • Who are frustrated or confused over their lack of results to burn belly fat, build strength & muscle, plus feel fantastic
  • Who are willing & able to Workout 3-5X a week
  • Who will be ready for Home or Gym…
    You either are willing to purchase the easy & inexpensive strength training equipment we require you to have for home, you have a home gym or you have access to a full gym
  • Who are willing to follow a simple done-4-U Meal Plan which will get you more results while still enjoying fun foods & nights out 
  • Who would love the ease & flexibility of an Online Coaching Program
  • Who are 100% committed to taking personal ownership & responsibility to follow the road map… that will get results & take them to the Next-Level
  • Who know they deserve to have their dream body, fitness, & health… but also know they must first invest into the expert help, accountability & then put in the time & effort to allow them to finally get their results!

Who this is NOT for?  Men & Women:


  • That Won’t Make Time for their training & nutrition
  • That jump from program to program “hoping” for results
  • That are Not ready for a serious lifestyle improvement to get their dream body
  • That are unwilling to invest in themselves & are really looking for some short-term, cheap, free & ineffective quick-fixes
  • That Won’t speak up when they should to get help or guidance
  • That whine, complain, blame or makes excuses for or about everything
  • That are NOT 100% committed to taking the personal ownership & responsibility that will get results & take them to the Next-Level
  • That Won’t follow a meal plan with healthy animal proteins… because this is NOT for Vegans or Vegetarians
  • That are NOT both Serious & Committed to Actioning this Program 
  • That are NOT Coachable!

So, if you are Serious, Committed & Coachable…

Ready to Torch Your Trouble Fat…


Fit-Life Transformation Coaching


Now, all you have to do is take a few minutes to Answer a Few Questions… then on to STEP 2

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Grab your convenient call slot… so that we can create your Personal Strategy together… of how to get you into your Best Shape Ever!


Leading You Thru Each Step of Your Fitness & Health Journey!

Life Fitness by FIT-LIFE NATION


Founder & Creator
Life Fitness by FIT-LIFE NATION


Co-Founder & Coach

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